Sunday, March 7, 2004

WHY DIDN'T ANYONE TELL ME... fucking awesome Asobi Seksu is? Everytime they played a show it was either Shabbat or on a date that I couldn't make it, and holy shit, they were amazing tonight. Like, better than amazing. They were like Interpol but fronted by a super hot Japanese woman and a little more harder. For the record, Interpol are my favorite band. But this band was fantastic and gave me that "close your eyes and listen until the strobe lights come on and then just get super fucking drunk cause it's also purim" feeling.

Also, Dennis Cahlo? Apart from the obvious "holy shit, he dedicated a cover of 'NYC' to me"... the boy sings like an angel. I was thinking that it must be really hard for some singers to have actual, genuinely fantastic voices in NYC because you live in such small quarters and can never experiment with your vox. However, Dennis's voice is as stunning as Thom Yorke's or Jeff Buckley's. Easily.

Anyway, that's what I did tonight. This afternoon I went to the Midnight Cafe with Lizzy to meet up with Brian and Grant for some brunch but managed to eat some of the worst eggs I've ever had. I'm usually really easy to please when it comes to food -- it's not uncommon for me to indulge in two meals at brunch -- but today i was like gagging to hold my food down. Also, I was in the middle of telling my posse about some great high school story that involved me taking 13 shots of vodka (with milk as a chaser) just so i could tell my best friend at the time that i had a crush on him... when the room went silent just as i said "in high school, my best friend hated VOMIT".... causing the entire fucking restaurant to turn around as if I was saying "I HATE JEWS!" or something. I mean, the entire fucking morning we had been yelling to each other about blowjobs and anal sex and like the most crude stuff you'll ever hear, and when i fucking say "vomit" the place goes silent. Naturally.

Whoa, Kid from Kid n Play hosts Showtime at the Apollo? Since when? Holla!

I'm not drunk right now. Lame. I should be. I'm on my fourth drink and bailed out of going to Misshapes. I think if i were there I would probably be passed out in a corner or making out with someone. You know, the normal night. I feel like I've had five years of those nights.

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