Tuesday, August 16, 2005


I didn't know Mellie, but Karen and I often admired her from afar when we would sit outside of Misshapes and people watch, but no matter what, I was heartbroken to learn that she died on Friday.

My friend Jess asked people to repost the following message on myspace, but I thought this would maybe reach those who don't regularly check myspace postings. Rest in Peace, Mellie. Bless you.:

As some of you have already heard, beautiful girl about town Mellie passed away on Friday. Details are thin, and the police won't tell us much, but needless to say, her death was unnecesary, unnatural, and totally avoidable. I loved her dearly, and miss her insanely. Her photo is up at Trashnyc.com and Lastnightsparty.com. I know many of you were friends with her, and as the police haven't even returned her cell phone, many of you are probably just finding out about this now. A wake will be held tonight (Monday) and tomorrow (Tuesday) morning, with a funeral procession after Tuesday's wake. I've listed the details below, and anyone who's interested or wants to know more, please don't be shy about calling me. Mellie meant a great deal to me, and to many others as well, and it would be a lovely gesture for all of us to attend the services and show her family just how much she was loved and will be missed.
there is a light that will never go out,

The wake will be held at:

Frank E Campbell Funeral Home
81st & Madison, NYC

Monday 6PM-9PM
Tuesday 9AM-12PM with funeral procession afterwards to Westchester.

Please get in touch if you would like to attend the funeral but need transportation or can offer it! Thank you.

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