Monday, July 28, 2003

I had a very lazy sunday at home. Did some house work, ate a lot, and rummaged online for a bit in an effort to learn something educational. Tonight I will buy rock and roll underwear from Victoria's Secret, then watch TV.

Bert from the Used was supposed to call so i can interview him, and surprise, surprise, he didn't. I think he could use a sobriety blog as well.

This week will be busy for me, but not as bad as usual:
Tuesday i'm seeing the 22s at Pianos, then heading to Sin-e for a very special Viscious party so i can see that guy from Calla perform.
Wednesday it's probably Lollapalooza, but i should probably decide on that already.
Thursday it's a knitting circle with the Bilderberg media group. then the Vue and then the Witnesses. ... or wait, was the knitting cirlce moved?
Friday, it's stellastarr* and Elefant! And my friend Barry is coming to town. He's scottish.

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