Friday, December 23, 2005


Cause you're going to funky town... or you're going to the Lower East Side tonight to party at the Orchard Bar.

While I wont be committing myself to any hard labor to prove that i have as much of a right to complain about the now over public transportation strike, I will be playing song that will keep you warm. The strike is over. Hopefully everyone found something to be happy about. Hopefully people managed to save money and go Xmas shopping today. Hopefully, I'm hopeful.

Lastnight Alex and I went to Albany with our friends Steve and Matt to see Monty. The car ride up was just about as enjoyable as the show itself. Monty play for 20 people like they're playing for 2000 (which will soon happen, i'm sure). God bless them and their love for a good show. I can't wait til Warped Tour comes around and I can ride around with those monkeys.

If you're ever in Albany, may i suggest you check out the Red Robin and get the Onion Ring Stack. It's 13 deep fried onion rings stacked like a christmas tree and served with delightful dip. Once you have that, a burger and the bottomless fries, you can kiss your stomache goodbye. I fell into a food coma on the way home only to be woken up by Steve playing "Under Pressure" loudly on his car stereo in hopes I'd wake up and answer some Muse trivia.

Today I went Christmas shopping with BrandonR. We went to Union Square where they've got this really lovely outdoor market. The weather was pretty much perfect (sort of God's way of saying "ok, now that the subways are working, i'll give you pleasurable weather") and we got to check out all the nifty little crafty booths scattered around. I found some inspiration for future projects, and bought myself some Manic Panic hair dye so i can redo the color. I'm taking a cue from Ollie and will be going for the color called Ultra Violet. I'll let you know how it turns out.

i love you.

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