Tuesday, July 31, 2007


I've been holding back on talking ONLY about bands on Stolen Transmission -- even though that's all my life is really: stolen transmission. but fuck it. it's my life, and this is my blog.

I just signed this band called Schoolyard Heroes that i've been a fan of for two years. They're kind of like the Misfits meets the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and needless to say, i'm pretty obsessed with them.

Before we signed them -- after we got the new songs they did with producer John Goodmanson -- me and the ST team, the oohlas, and our friends went to see them play a show during sxsw and we were blown away. me and all the girls i went with were like "OH MY GOD! I WANT TO BE HER!!!!" This guy named Milo who does marketing over here saw them at another show at sxsw (which i missed due to a concussion), came into the office the following tuesday and was like "YOU NEED TO SIGN THAT BAND! THEY'RE INCREDIBLE." Milo became the band's product manager when we signed them. He is STOKED.

What's funny is that the singer, Ryann, and Ollie from the Oohlas have been my fashion icons for a couple years now. When I met Ollie she was really into ballet skirts and ballet shoes. When i met Ryann, she was (and still is), very into the contorted prom dress. She was (and is) also very into Courtney Love. Almost, if not more so, than me. I'm in heaven these days.

Anyway, they've got this new song on their myspace page called "Dude, Where's My Skin?" Please please go listen to it. It's fucking amazing. Their songs are all about zombies, but it's sort of personified in a weird way. I don't know how else to explain. They're kind of big in Seattle, so if you're from there you probably know about them. Also, their manager is in the Long Winters... a fact i found out the other day, which is very interesting.

Here are great photos (taken by http://www.myspace.com/bloodivalentyne) from their video shoot:

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