Friday, April 11, 2008


I saw Duke Spirit the other day at Bowery Ballroom, and fuck, am i in love. Seriously... i can't believe how fucking unbelievably that band is and Neptune is going to be one of my top ten favorite albums of the year. I really think that they could be the next Verve. Leila just has that Richard Ashcroft-ness to her that I can't really understand.

I wrote this pretty extensive love letter to her on AlmacksDanceHall that i think you should read.

Anyway... check out this video for "Sovereign"... incase you happened to see me on the subway today while I was listening to my ipod, i was listening to this song. It took everything in me to no do pirouettes in and out of the subway cars. God, this band is just fucking blissssss! OK, if they're not the next Verve, they could be the next Interpol! Either one I'd be happy with.


DTC said...

i dont give a fuck what anyone says, that chick puts amy winehouse to shame.

Anonymous said...

i saw them 2 yrs. ago at the same place. she really is bad ass on stage.

ollie tamale said...

amy winehouse can barely get on a stage or keep all her teeth.