Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Once a week I have to head into NJ for meetings with a company I consult
for called <a href=""
target="_blank"></a>. Its a wonderful company that's created a
socially aware social network with aims of helping animal shelters and
celebtrating the great things about pets. It's also a great resource for
pet owners on health care for their pets, where to find groomers, and
meet ups.

On my first trip top the bus at Port Authority, I felt the back of my
dress being lifted. I thought my dress got caught up in my bag or
something and fixed it, only to realize that the young man behind me had
been lifting my dress and taking a photo of my goods with his
cameraphone. I tried to swing at him, I yelled at him, nobody did
anything. I went to get him but he disappeared and so I went to find a
cop. There were none. I yelled out for one, and still nada. I think I
wrote about that before.

Each week I see this perv and each week I let him know I'm onto him.
Weather it's a glare, an accidental shove, or a random crazy scream at
him, he knows I know who he is.

As luck would have it, this week I spotted him within 10 feet of 5 cops.
I made eye contact with him, he tried to hide, I told the cop what
happened and we chased afterhim... but he disappeared!

I will be back, same time same place tomorrow but I will have my video
camera to document the perv for everyone to see.

The game of cat and mouse is going to end. The mouse shall be the


jessica maria said...

ACK! I hate street/subway/public pervs!!!!! I hope you catch him, grrl.

Trey said...

Yeah! Power to the people! I say this because as a male riding the bus I too have been harrassed! It knows no gender boundaries. Good luck and be safe.

Underground Cheap DJ Equipment Sale said...

Yikes! Good luck : )

Mia said...

Go you! I hate those freaks. They're really just stupid as anyone can be if they think you won't notice your goods being fondled.

Anonymous said...

oh my god i wanna come with you and hide somewhere and then trip him when he runs and if the cops aren't looking maybe kick him once rullhardinthenurtz

Zani.W said...

Hi Sarah (:
you have been manager of MCR Official web?

I Luv u gatz;

Gurj said...

we should totally surpriz buttseckz that creep see how he likes uninvited guests near his back door.

Anonymous said...

Take a photo of him. Use your camera phone and pretend your texting but your really taking a photo of him.

Tommy Stoic said...

What a nonce! He must be inbred or just plain dropped on his head. What a pathetic mongeral.

I hope you catch the cunt.


Anonymous said...

I'm (), VietNam

I like this blog is so cool

Anyway, It's nice to see your blog

God Bless you

Thanks for sharing. Again

Debra said...

Oh the Port Authority, scum magnet! You'll get him. I was walking by the PA once and a pimp tried to pick me up, thinking I was a runaway fresh off the bus from hicksville. "You alright, sweetheart? You need some groceries? You need any clothes? You need some money?" I was like, "Dude, I LIVE here. BACK OFF." Grrrrrr...

Ron said...

yes, take a photo and put it on the blog. Make him your bitch,