Thursday, June 12, 2008


Become my friend on ZooToo... which is a social network for animal lovers that gives a portion of their ad money to animal shelters and stuff.


Anonymous said...

did you get your dog from an animal shelter?

Anonymous said...

you got your dog from a breeder. That is completely hypocritical, in case you didn't realise.

Sarah said...

there's nothing hypocritical about wanting to help dogs that are less fortunate. yes, i got my dog from a breeder, but never again! the guilt from getting her from a breeder rather than saving a rescue dog has caused me to put together charities that raised thousands for two local animal rescues, and I refuse to stop there.

so no, it's not hypocritical if i choose to help animals. also, the site is NOT just for people who have animals from shelters or choose to help animals in shelters. it's for pet lovers.

Raizza said...

monkey and bella reilley.


sarah, I truly miss commentin' on your blogz!

...bback shortly.

Raizza said...

Dear Sarah,

let's make a fix on that,

...monkey and bella reilly.

I made an attempt to see your hubbie's show at gramercy a week ago for support. duane reade gave me a blow dryer and another cheap umbrella... jenne managed to borrow a five-dollar umbrella...not quite sure how that worked out.

anywayz, send dagley some birthday wishes and let her have the best trainwreck for the night - i haven't seen that girl in a year or so.


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Lets support the campaign against animal cruelty.