Wednesday, July 27, 2011


As many of you might know, I spent the past year and a half working at Edelman (a marketing and pr agency) with one of my main clients being AXE. Over the time I worked on AXE, the folks over there began to really trust my taste in music... so much so that they let me choose the song that would be used in an online commercial for their Fixers product!!!

Now, it's no secret that I'm obsessed with Hussle Club. When my brother-from-another-mother, Josh Madden, turned me onto Hussle Club I immediately punched him in the face for holding them from me for so long. Black Terry fronting a goth band that sounds like Bauhaus at a rave? SIGN ME UP. This is why I'm BEYOND excited that AXE agreed to use Hussle Club's "Quarenteenagers" for the commercial!

I'm now at NYLON Magazine as the Director of Music Marketing, and I couldn't be happier about the legacy I've left behind! Please take a look at the commercial. Post it! Spread the love! Thank you!

Watch it here:

Buy Hussle Club's "Quarenteenagers" on iTunes.

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Bokolis said...

I use that stuff to douche up if heading direct to a bar after 90 minutes on a football pitch...too potent for normal use. I've never had any experience approaching this (KeSha video meets the "Tuesday" Vegas ad) ad, ...okay, one time came close, but it was 2006 Williamsburg and (probably) not from the Axe.

Nonetheless, you've got the knack for good-time music, which works perfectly with what Axe is trying to push...defo a consulting side gig opp there.

As you blaze another trail- congrats and good luck- I trust you'll bless us with the output.