Monday, October 3, 2005


I'm not going to review the Across the Narrows show because: a) i hate reviewing things. b) i would end up just spending about 30 lines talking about how cool it was that the Killers played "Everything Will Be Alright" for the 3rd time ever -- their set up was the four of them at the front of the stage, each (save for Dave who was at his guitar) behind synths. c) I'd spend far too long discussing the poor advertising and marketing the promoters did for this event -- seems as if NOBODY knew about it and the attendance of about 4000 people proved this.

Instead, the only thing REALLY worth talking about was one of the funniest moments I've ever witnessed with my own eyes: Brandon Reilly and I were walking to the stage from the catering so we could watch the New York Dolls. Suddenly from behind I hear my brother Lawrence shout something like "the dolls!!!!!" We turn around to see him charging to the stage with a plate of GIANT chocolate cake in one hand and pepsi in the other. Both Brandon and myself couldn't process this image without falling to the ground on our backs and laughing our asses off. Mind you, moments before he came up to me, Brandon and Wyatt backstage, clutching a giant cone of blue cotton candy yelling "I JUST SAW DAVID JOHANNSON!!!!" I felt like a parent at the food court of Disney World hearing my 5 year old get stoked out over peeping Mikey Mouse.

Check out my brothers photos:
Lawrence eating cake, oranges and photos of the New York Dolls
Photos of the Killers and Misshapes

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