Wednesday, September 13, 2006


OK, I know i said i would try to make this less about Monkey Monkey Monkey, and include bella in things, but my camera is presently out of commission, so i'm stuck posting whatever photos people send me of my pets. Nobody takes pictures of Bella. She's awesome, even for a plus-sized model cat, but fuck does she like to eat. She likes to eat and wake me up in the morning by stepping on my boobs and licking my neck, which is so fucking creepy i can't even get into it. The plus side is that she and Monkey get along so well and it's the cutest thing in the world to see the two of them play all the time. From the moment I wake up (to feed bella) to the moment I go to sleep (after i feed bella), they're head butting, wrestling, tail biting, chasing after each other... it's so cute.

Anyway, Brandon took Monkey to the dog park last week and there was a Kibbles N Bits thing set up where you could dress your animal up and take a photo with it. I think Leigh Lezark (who was there with her dog edie) managed to talk him into it, though, i'm not certain. Anyway, here's a photo of Monkey dressed up as a Devil, and Brandon dressed up as someone who hasn't seen the sun in many days:

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