Friday, September 15, 2006


OK, so last night Karen and I are djing at Stolen Transmission, and it's quite slow because it's fashion week, so the bartender announces last call at 3am, and no less than ten minutes later about 50 models showed up and kept on multiplying. It was kind of hilarious.

I was also sobering up from the Annuals show at Sin-e where i managed to get incredibly drunk and nearly knocked over by a bunch of super stoked huggers. I love Annuals! Way to go Speck!

I like the Strokes. Don't love them. I always felt, in my head, that there was a strokes vs interpol thing going on like there was a blur vs oasis thing or a smiths vs cure thing... so i was like "eff that ess i'm sticking with interpol" and have stayed true ever since. But then i have this intern jordana and she turned me onto their most recent record (the first record is amazing, i will say that... i'm just more of an interpol fan). jordana is the biggest strokes fan to walk this earth. she came to work the other day and played me the albert hammond jr. stuff and damn if it isn't great. sounds a bit like the strokes meets wilco.

So just wanted to mention that my buddy Trent and his blog,, will be hosting the Oohlas record release party/show at Cinespace on September 26. He's the band's number one fan (after me), and they are huge fans of his blog, so the pairing is perfect. And everyone knows that that's Steve Aoki's night... and well, you can pretty much be sure it will be quite the fun scene.

Ampcamp is also doing the Oohlas presale. The record is inexpensive and i think there's gonna be some sort of special thing given to the first 50 orders. If you're not sure if you want to buy the oohlas album, check out this review in the october issue of blender! i started tearing up when i came across it while on the subway:

the oohlas' myspace

and then i got to the office and this was sitting in my inbox!

bright light fever's myspace

what a great way to start a day!

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