Friday, October 13, 2006


My buddy Gideon, who has gone to places like Afghanistan and Iraq for work, sent me this delightful article, which is basically about how the Canadian Troops are having a hard time fighting Taliban militants because of marijuana forests.


Seriously, you gotta read the article, it's almost too funny to read. I want to offer the services of most (if not all) of the bands on Stolen Transmission. Give them a week and that forest will be a goner.

I already started making some merch designs. Here's one:

EDIT: I can't believe i didn't put this up originally. My buddy Crobin made this video... not sure what for, not sure you'll ever see it anywhere ... but it's pretty fucking hilarious. The actor in the video is Brandon's brother Travis, and before anyone is offended, both boys are total jew lovers -- i make fun of them for that fact all the time. Watch on:

EDIT AGAIN... someone close the me who is now apparently the blogger police, has asked me to take it down... he didn't see the humor in it, which is probably cause he didn't watch it! Go to YouTube and do a search for "crobin"... fuck that!

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