Wednesday, October 4, 2006


So I kind of have this rule of thumb that applies to just myself: I dont go out to bars around/above 14th street. Why? Because they dont let me in without an issue. I'm stared down by the security guards who often look through me, above me, under me... never at me. Never with a smile. Never. Lastnight I was booked to DJ at Manor, and there was a line down the block for the Killers CD release party... and when I got to the door, the girl with the list recognized me and was awesome and was trying to let me in when the bouncer gave me a hard time. "I'm here to DJ... really... i know i look like a scumbag, but really, i'm djing."
"Oh yeah," he replied, "then where are your cds?"
"In my bag. See?"
"Well, I can't see them in there..."
"Can I please come in?"

I wanted to tell him to hurry up so i could catch neck tattoo guy from project runway... whom I made eyecontact with and was gonna approach with a "Hey! how are you?" before i remembered that I dont actually know him.

Once I got in, the crowd was gorgeous and pretty rock and roll. I held tight to my entourage of Brandon, Brian Battjer, and Gurj as we approached the massive dude standing infront of the VIP section that was also where the DJ is positioned (I kinda like that idea cause it lessens the chances of people coming up to the dj booth to request michael jackson every ten seconds). So anyway, i get to this dude and he wont let me in.
"I'm djing."
"really, i am. i'm the dj."
"you can't come in."
(girl from the side)"Hey, she's the dj."
(me to girl) "Thank you so much!"
(security) "Get in."
(me to guard) "These people are with me." (i point to brandon, gurj and brian and start to walk in).
Brandon gets stopped.
"That's my boyfriend. You have to let him in."
"No dudes."
"Well, if you dont let him in, I'm not going to DJ. So please let him in."
Brandon gets let in.

(photo by Merlin Bronques. More photos here.)

I get on the decks to start DJing and the set up is amazing and the crowd is dancing and stoked out of their face standing on banquets and cheer when I play Rick Astley's "Never Gonna Give You Up"... And then I decide to play my favorite hip hop song "What You Know About That" by TI. People cheer and get stoked... A woman comes up to me and says "Um... I run this place... and I dont know if you realize that this is a KILLERS album release party. The band is on their way and they dont want hip hop."
"Oh, that's funny... cause I was just with them... and they're now in LA."

After my set I headed over to 151 Rivington with Gurj to meet up with Brandon and a couple of friends who were in from out of town. I was sitting with them, drinking water, when i got an AIM on my 'kick from Jenny Penny telling me that Bono was at Black & White -- Rob Hitt's night -- and that Kate Bosworth was at the Hail party at the darkroom. So we all loaded up, after I sat there persuading every that it was a good idea, and went to black and white. We saw bono. He was in the back of the room, sitting in the booth closest to the bathroom with a few friends. He looked like he was having a great time. After my first drink I peaced out and went back home to watch some TV with the man.

Holy shit... I'm in Vanity Fair. I'm not a God freak... i'm just into being a jew.

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