Friday, March 2, 2007


Alex and I are watching the Making of OK Computer right now. I'm not sure I am ready to deal with this to be honest. It's been ten years since the album came out and it still makes me feel the same damn way now as it did back then. I spent 3 years listening to that album once a day... their EPs, their B-sides, everything. I only would be friends with people that loved radiohead as much as I did and I would spend all my free time on radiohead newsgroups and message boards reading as much as my fucking head could consume. I made a lot of friends online with other kids that i met online. We'd meet in lines for tickets -- sleeping on the street overnight to get tickets, we'd hang out, we'd trade b-sides and live recordings and everything. oh my god, i lived for that band. every single fucking minute of my day was about radiohead. that's it. oh, and the only website i thought was really worth visiting was GreenPlastic.

When I went to see Radiohead for the first time at Radio City (i went all three nights to see them, btw), it was the first time that i was surrounded by people that were different than the people i knew at home. i felt like i belonged... which is ironic since one of the most famous lines in rh's most famous song "creep" is "i dont belong here..."

when i was 17 i was interning for and was asked to review "ok computer" and so i took home all the press material and read them on my bus rides from tenafly to the 178th street bus terminal in nyc. i would read other writers flipping out for this band the same way i did, but at the age of 17 didnt know how to articulate (still cant, really). that's when i decided that i wanted to be involved in the music industry. that's how i ended up here.

OH MY GOD, I LOVE RADIOHEAD...fuck. i can't believe how much all my feelings are rushing back to me right now, i'm on the verge of tears.

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