Friday, March 9, 2007


Has anyone been watching Pussy Cat Dolls Present the Search for the Next Doll? I didnt think I would ever watch it (though, my memory is failing as i apparently told brandon's friend that i was gonna audition last summer), but I was bored the other night and it was on -- and that's how shit usually starts. I get bored.

Anyway, there was this one girl on who kinda looked like Kirsten Dunst (whom i actually like a bit). She seemed to have spunk and a great look... she was cute and had the right attitude.

So in one of the interviews she mentions that she was in some sort of punk band and naturally i was like "oh man... she wishes! No future pussy cat doll could ever be a former punk" because, apparently i think i'm an expert on these things. And then i started to think -- Debbie Harry was in a punk band AND a playboy bunny. Maybe this girl IS a punk. And then I recognized her name: Sisely. My friend Hot Robbie was telling me a story about some girl he was friends with named Sisely who was in a group called the Cooler Kids -- and as it turned out, I really loved the Cooler Kids' album. So when I saw that this cutie had the same name as the cooler kid, i texted robbie who confirmed that it was infact the same person! You should check out the Cooler Kids' MySpace page. Their songs are really great and catchy.

I love watching Fuse all day because they always play Muse's video for "Starlight" like 29 tiems a day. The video is as over the top as the band -- with them performing on an aircraft carrier, multiple camera angles from helicopters, fireworks, other boats, more helicopters (i think i counted 8), more fireworks,... its bombast that only Muse could get away with. If you haven't seen the video, watch it on youtube:

Ciara's video is the most masculine thing i've ever seen. The sound wasn't on when i saw it so i dont know if the song is any good because rob and I were blasting something else. What is that something else? There are rumors that a record from a now-defunct legendary post-hardcore band exists. Well, not only do i know that the album exists, and not only am i listening to it right now, but it's likely that we will be putting it out on stolen transmission. stay tuned for more news on this.

Also, Bright Light Fever are on tour! Horay!

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