Monday, July 7, 2008


I sent my mom this picture of Brian Molko from Placebo and said "Look! it's like if I had a twin or if you had a kid between me and Lawrence!" My friends had always teased me that Brian and I looked almost identical, and even once when I met him pre-phone interview at a party he said "It's nice that I'll be able to put a face to the voice," to which my friend replied "You could put your own name to the voice! You guys look like twins!" Then someone at their label kinda freaked out when they saw me and him standing in the same sight line.

My Mom called me just now and was asking about him, what does he sing, do i like the band... and goes "is he egyptian jew? where is he from?" I told her Luxembourg and she said she had a doctor friend that was an Egyptian Jew with the last name Molko from Luxembourg.

So I kinda freaked out. What if I have been lusting after someone I'm related to for the past 10 years?! Oh my God. I told her I had a meeting and had to get off the phone to prevent hyperventilating.

I wikipedia'ed the name Molko and found that it was derived from the name Molcho, which is in fact, a Sephardic last name.

If anyone reading this is friends/in contact with Brian, could you please direct him to this posting? Thanks!

For reference, here's a picture of me from last year. I'm on the left:


Anonymous said...

Hi - I have Brian Molko as a "google alert" - so that's how I found your snipet on the web. You totally do look like him!!!

Anonymous said...

have you considered speaking to a psychologist about your aggressive narcissism and its manifestations in your choices of mates and attractions?

your last 2 posts have very much been "enough about me! what about ME!" centric.

also, pls stop comparing your physical facial features to a dude to your mom. that's not nice. she has enough to worry about with larry.

so just cimma dow now.

Sarah said...

it's a personal blog, so um, yeah, it's pretty much just about me.

Fluffo said...

i used to have a sort of girl-crush on a blonde brian lookalike around the time black market music came out. her name was sarah too (which is even creepier than it seems) and she must've thought i was nuts when i held up a picture of him and asked if he was a relative.

Amanda said...

hey Mr/Mrs jealous anonymous, have you considered speaking to one yourself instead of coming on someone's personal BLOG and talking crap just to feel better about yourself?

Anonymous said...

you know,i read somewhere that every guy in the world looks like another one,i mean just like it's like we all have a twin somewhere :) it's really really cool you do look like brian molko, 'cause he's sexy as hell. by the way ,i can't see the picture you posted,if you could post another one or something,please? :)sorry for the mistakes,i'm not english. or american.