Saturday, August 16, 2008


I think a huge part of adulthood is the ability to admit and face your faults. Sometimes those faults are so hidden in the back of your subconscious, that they have a hard time coming to the surface. I think that's been happening to me lately. It simply took some sort of friendly reminder of conversations in the past, advice given in the past, and warnings given in the past. Admitting to yourself that you messed up is half the battle. Having the opportunity to admit to someone else that you really fucked up is the other half. I think that deep down inside I knew that, and that's why I was in such a funk for so long.

Human relationships are hard. I like the ones I have with animals.

Last night was the weekly Hanger Bar party, which I had to DJ alone since Karen has fucked off to the UK to visit friends and enjoy some festivals. I have some pretty awesome friends that decided to keep me company since I'm thinking about taking some time off from my Friday gig to enjoy the last days of summer without major obligations. Jordan Silver came. He's newly unemployed after giving up his amazing job at Tom Brown to become a poet. Writing that sentence is probably as weird as reading it. Peter Gaston came after spending the entire day at home working since the interwebs at his office went down. Nicole Smith came with her roommate for her last friday in NYC (so sad!!!!). Brian Battjer came. He's usually the voice of reason in my life and was the only person to help me get over my dog Maxine's death a few years back. Once again he came through. I love having him in my life.

I DJed a bit of 90s music -- as per usual -- but threw in a lot of modern tracks, which I have been slightly reluctant to play out. An adorable boy came over to celebrate my 90s selection and asked if I would play a Sugar Ray song. I know, I know, they're pretty fucking awful, but this boy was adorable and so I couldn't resist. He ended up pulling a pen from a book in his bag and jotted his number on one of my cd cases. "I'm here til tuesday... then I leave for Paris for 4 months. Please call me, I'd love to hang out with you." I asked him to include his name with his number and he was off. The week before a cute boy gave me his number and it was later revealed that he too would be leaving 4 days later for an extended period of time. Peter suggested that I make this a weekly occurrence: boys excitingly giving me their number... but only if they are here for like 4 more days. It's like traveling around the world, but without leaving the island.

Today I went to some outdoor electronic music thing called the Brooklyn Electronic Music Festival, with my friend Heather and Gurj... and Monkey! It was this cool thing by the Gawanus Canal in Carroll Gardens with electronic music (duh), delish mexican food, drinks, and your obligatory Brooklyn family or seven. Monkey was a huge hit and she nommed on corn on the cob like the cutest little alien dog that she is.

I'm off to the movies now with Brian, Meredith, Matt and Elle. We're going to see Topic Thunder or whatever it's called with Ben Stiller and Robert Downey Jr. in black face. Matt and I were on the Weekly Riff on FUSE yesterday and the movie was one of the topics. I'm excited to see if it's actually any good. It's also nice to have Matt back in my life.

In case you missed the Weekly Riff last night, you can see something right here.


The Awkward American said...

If I've learned anything, it's that the shittiest things in life can't be solved completely, but good friends, music, family, and food can make it easier to bear with. Even if one of those four things is the cause of said problem. Seems like you know that too, and have an especially amazing group of friends and family. I wish you all the best.

the Curateur said...

So sad that we've lost Karen to the UK again, which of course I add from my beachbound perch, so I supposed I'm just as bad. If you're still doing the Friday soirees in September, I'll be in town and would love to see the line of adorable boys giving numbers and help rate them. Isn't that what you do at a meatmarket? Geez, I think the sun has officially fried my brain. Hope Doghouse doesn't mind!