Tuesday, September 2, 2008


The Oohlas have posted two new songs on their MySpace page!!!

One is called "Toni and Di" and features Carina Round.

The other is called "Take Me Home."

Ollie and Carina fell in love like a year or so ago... the song they did together is so fucking good.

I think their Bauhaus cover of "All We Ever Wanted Was Everything" is possibly better than the original.


Lawrence said...

Please do not spread such heresy. As much as I love Ollie and think the Oolahs version is good, no one covers Bauhaus better than Bauhaus did. Also, when Bauhaus covers a song, THAT's better than the original ("Telegram Sam", "Ziggy Stardust", and "Third Uncle", for instance).

Anonymous said...

my balls did a better cover of your mom

Sarah said...

Coincidentally, I just got off the phone with David J.

Anonymous said...

whoa she sounds like tanya donelly. i miss belly! the oohlas should cover feed the tree - a great belly song. :)

Lawrence said...

David J? I hate you.

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