Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Those of you who know me personally know that I'm a psychic. No joke. No exaggeration. I have visions and dreams and can see things that are so random. If I didn't have a paper trail for these visions, I would be accused of making shit up like "omg, i totally called that!"

But the reality is that my visions are really messed up at times. I have emailed friends about dreams and said that they've kept me up at night... only to have them come true days later.

I guess I sort of had a slight vision over the weekend when I posted a JJ72 megapost only to have Karen text me to say that tonight is the last night of shows ever at the Astoria (so sad!) and one of the performers is Mark Greany of JJ72 acoustic! Also playing is the singer of Mansun with My Vitrol as his backing band.

Check out the NME's reporting on the event.


The Corsair said...

Are you a Pisces? Scorpio? Those are the two most psychic signs.

Anonymous said...

Well I am a Taurus with moon in Cancer. I am telepathic. There's a difference between being psychic and telepathic of course. People come to me for advice, and they don't even have to tell me what the problem is, I just hold their hands so they can transmit their thoughts to me - hey, who needs telephones?

Sometimes I am asked to cross over. I'm not sure this is possible or ethical. What I can do is pick up on a person's thoughts and memories of those who have passed on and the past discussions they had with their loved ones, and tell them what that person would have advised them to do under their circumstances. So I listen telepathically, and think hard about how to give them the best advice about how to resolve their problems within their personal framework, thoughts and memories.

Hey Sydney(: said...

Im a Libra.
I have had phsycic abilities since i was about 11. Im 13 now and its hard for me to deal with this because i cant relate to anyone.

When i see spirits, i try to ignore it, evan though they scare the crap out of me. Im speechless and i dont know what to do exept close my eyes and pretent they're not there.

I can pick up on peoples emotions around me, if someone is depressed, I become depressed out of no where and for no reason at all.

I sometimes have dreams of something that will happen the next day, like something simple like, watching a tv show sitting on the couch eating popcorn. Until i realize i had a dream the last night of me doing the exact same thing.

My friend lives in a house with multiple spirits in it. I hate going to her house because i wake up severl times in the night, i hear whispering and breathing in my ear. I have seen spirit in her house, pretty much every time i come over.

I guess my question really is...
How do I deal with this?
What do I do when a spirit is in my presence?

Accurate Psychic said...

There's nothing to be scared when you feel and you're beginning to be a psychics.That's a gift that you should be proud of.

X-man said...

I am a gemini.
I can see and sense ghosts, I can tell the personalities and emotions of anyone just by looking at them,I have visions of future events when I am awake, and asleep. Ieven astro-project every night.I know that it`s because I`m always meditating, but it`s overwhelming. I didn`t know you could get all of these powers just by meditating.

caseylee2010 said...

I have seem to have had strange abiltiy my whole life. I have paid attention to my thought process and the way it made me feel and have learned to somewhat control it. I can feel what everyone else feels and I can overtake it when I am around them and make them feel better instead of me feeling like they do. I have had many future predictions in my dreams and I can watch my dreams and analogize them while I am sleeping. I am 30 years old and don't really know how normal this is. I don't talk about it much because know one understands it really.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry i am phychic to my friends know it. I see visons in my dreams and in a couple days after my vison comes true my friend quized me and i almost got all the answers right and i had my eyes closed i don't really like to talk about it but now i know i'm not the only one who can see somethings the next day good luck with your phychic abilities. :)

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you are psychic. Welcome to the club, you have an exciting future in store for you!