Tuesday, January 13, 2009


When I was about 4 or 5 years old, my dad used to take me and my family to New York City all the time to walk around the village. This was the most fun I had with my dad, ever. I remember going to one store and they let you make your own t-shirts using fabric paint and then you could either leave them there to dry and pick them up in a few hours or put them in a spin cycle and get them right then. I made this awesome shirt of a unicorn (i was a really good artist as a kid) and since we didn't have time to waste, we spun it out and I gave the shirt to my dad.

We used to always see breakdancing groups down in the village, but I remember that the best break dance group was this one that was at the park that's between FAO Schwartz and the Ritz. These break dancers wore all red jumpsuits (i remember this really well) and did such incredible moves. After that, my dad used to make me and my best friend, Alexis Levy, laugh so hard by trying hard to imitate those breakdancers and their random guy who couldn't dance but would walk around the circle with his boombox collecting cash from onlookers.

This video of Mr. Rogers and a b-boy from GlideMagazine.com reminded me of this memory I had forgotten:


Bokolis said...

We used to hoard those cardboard boxes like they were gold. Only hardcore b-boys wore the pants to the sweatsuit. The rest of us poseurs only rocked the windbreakers. Wardrobe must not have had a pair of suede Adidas in Jermaine's size.

That episode first aired 2/6/85; I was already too old for Mr. Rogers...errrr, too old to watch Mr. Rogers. That limp-wristed attempt at popping might have tipped me off.

I wonder if that kid is this guy.


From the looks of it, that kid would be at least two years too old.

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