Saturday, March 21, 2009


Living Things are down in Texas right now for SXSW, and making waves as usual.

I'm offering their track "Mercedes Marxist" for free for you to download. I hope you enjoy it.

Living Things - "Mercedes Marxist"

I love them.

If you wanna buy their album Habeas Corpus click here


Gaby, held on by wires. said...

thanks for offering but I don't think the download link is working :(

Dani said...

haha, they were on my plane from NY to LA in December. It was pretty obvious that they were a band but I couldn't figure out who- I thought they were the horrors at first :/. So I discreetly stalked them around a bit, until I sat down waiting to board the plane and fucking Orlando Bloom and his model girlfriend showed up out of nowhere!! I need to fly Virgin America more often.

mercedes grille said...

This band is great. True Rockstars.