Sunday, July 19, 2009


Sunday School Matinee is the all-ages version of my infamous Stolen Transmission Party (5-Time Paper Magazine Nightlife Award Winning party, inspiration behind many songs, the subject of at least one book, the place where a few couples met and later wed, and thrown with her party partner KarenPlusOne/Karen Ruttner) -- which hosted performances by bands like Hot Chip, The Horrors,InnerPartySystem, Maximo Park, The Futureheads, Tokyo Police Club, and more.

Sunday School Matinee has been specifically created for under-21's in the NYC area that don't get to experience cool bands and DJs because almost all the venues in NYC are 21+.

Sunday School Matinee is doing something that's never been done in NYC before: It's a tastemaker-type party for all-ages with on-the-verge bands, celebrity DJs, dancing and TEENAGERS that come every week with the hope of seeing something new. It's a place where they might expect to see a secret show, a rare acoustic performace, or see someone from their favorite band playing a special DJ set.

There's only going to be a couple of these until school comes back in session in September (which is when we'll go back to being a weekly), so please be sure to come tomorrow.

Word is getting out that Sunday School Matinee is the place to be if you want to see some of the best up-and-coming bands in NYC or touring through this fine city. What's our evidence of this? Well, the President of Virgin/EMI was at Sunday School Matinee the other day. He dropped in to check out the bands and loved what he saw. Will he be back again? Probably.

As ohmyrockness suggested, last week's Sunday School Matinee was the hotly tipped show. Its guest performers:
The Drums, Your Nature and A Million Years, blew everyone's expectations. Believe the hype about these bands.

This week wont be any different. We have Grieves, Reni Lane, and The Rochambros. A true variety of sounds ranging from Grieves' backpack hip hop/trip hop grooves, Reni Lane's hypnotic and ever so Coldplay-fronted-by-a-woman sound, to The Rochambros' highly Elvis Costello/Pixies influenced tunes.


Jingle said...

Very nice and interesting
Thanks for sharing.............

andrew said...

What about todd p shows? I thought they were all-ages and had up-and-coming bands. Also, it seems todd and co put on a show almost everyday of the week for way cheaper than you guys do. Maybe you shouldn't be so quick to claim that no one has ever done this before.

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