Tuesday, November 9, 2010


So I'm going to try and make this a daily thing where I post about news things that happened while you were sleeping. Typically, this will go up earlier in the day, but I was super busy this morning.

A mysterious missile appeared to have been launched off the coast of California. Nobody seems to know what it was. Even the Pentagon is boggled. Here's my three guesses:
1. US trying to attack the Indonesian volcano.
2. Unidentified Submerged Object of other worldly origin, thus proving Colleen Thomas RIGHT.
3. Uh... something we should be really effing nervous about.

The Large Hadron Collider made a big bang!

A pill with an embedded microchip. It's meant to make sure you're taking the right meds at the right time. Not so sure I feel ok with this.

Everyone is nervous about Israel's East Jerusalem housing plan.

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