Friday, May 27, 2005


Sassy! magazine used to have a feature called "cute band alert" that has since entered into a sort of popculture lexicon and reference point for people who grew up with the magazine.

This blog is often a smorgesbourg (sp?) of cute band alerts.

My friend Jesse is in a band called Americana and on a road trip a few months ago (taken for reasons that make me cry) I met his band's new bassist Kurt. The most notable thing about Kurt was that he was possibly one of the cutest boys I'd ever met in person. From what I can remember, he was also about 19 years old and had extensive knowledge about bands like Suicide.

So when I saw his pretty face poppingn up in blog ads all around the interweb, my little sixteen year old heart went aflutter and I decided to pay a visit to Defunker, where i was blessed with more cute photos. I guess they're selling t-shirts over there, but i'm broke as fuck, so that didn't matter. What did matter was the following:

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