Wednesday, May 18, 2005


May 18, 1980 -- Ian Curtis, unable to deal with the the pressures of fame and life, decides to hang himself. He was the singer of Joy Division and his influence on popular bands of today is louder than ever.

I find it hard to celebrate or mourn the loss of anyone who took their own life in such a selfish way. The man had a wife and a new born baby. Medical issues and depression probably made him feel hopeless, but he wanted to die, I can't mourn that. What I CAN do is celebrate his life, since while he was alive he created some of the most moving music I've ever listened to.

In celebration of his life, I want to announce my next venture -- which is sort of obvious by now...

I'm starting a full on record label called STOLEN TRANSMISSION.

The name was stolen from one of my favorite Joy Division songs called "Transmission"... get it? I stole the name transmission?

Anyway, I'm really excited and looking forward to helping out the bands that I love.

The singles label is still in effect. Expect releases from the following bands in the next couple of months: The Spinto Band, The Five O'Clock Heroes, Saints + Lovers, Nightmare of You, and Ley Royal Scam.

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