Wednesday, November 9, 2005


How has my life changed since winning those Paper Magazine Awards? This has been the question asked by absolutely no one, but a question that I feel like I should answer. Well, the answer is: I sit at home watching family guy and getting stoned. I go to bed at night alone (minus the 39 different people crashing at my place). I thought that the night I won I'd be up to my ears in dudes, but I went straight home after dinner and crashed and have been crash landing ever since.

I love the winter.

Tonight, I think i'm hanging out with Brian. I think we might see a movie. I think I might pig out on popcorn. I think I might get an upset stomach. I think I might laugh myself to sleep while watching Degrassi and thinking about how much of a better soap opera my life would make for those canadian teen shows.

My friend Rob just had a baby on Halloween and every baby store I've passed has not gone unvisited by me. I walk in, throw down my credit card, and start spending for his little girl. Rob is like a brother to me -- the one man in my life that has no blood relation to me that i trust as much as the ones that do. If Rob told me that he thinks it would be a really good idea if I ran into traffic with my eyes closed, I'd do it. So his daughter, Kiera Ryann, is like my neice. And I want to eat her little fucking face.

I want a baby of my own one day. Sometimes I'll look at my guy friends and think of them as nothing but possible baby daddies. This one is tall. This one has good bone structure. This one has a history of alcholism/drug abuse. This one has a history of depression. This one has nice eyes. This one is never sick. That's how I've reduced my male friends in the wake of Rob's baby. Future sperm doners for the future baby that will be located inside my belly in a few years. When I turn to my many male friends and tell them that i plan on having a kid, they either offer their services immediately or leave the room. I sometimes feel like a woman at a sperm doner clinic reading the binders and trying to figure out if the guy who went to Yale but has a clubbed foot would make a better doner than the one who became a self made millionaire but never graduated high school.

That's what's been going through my mind since winning the Paper magazine award.

But back to the important things:

The Spinto Band will be playing a show on FRIDAY NIGHT at Pianos. Here are the details, tickets are still available but probably not for long:
Friday November 11th PianosNYC
10:30 The Spinto Band
9:30 the Teeth
8:30 Buried beds
7:30 Marit Bergman
6:30 annekei

HOLY CRAP... Laura's favorite band of teenagers, Surefire are playing at Bowery. fuck yeah! Maybe I'll show up early if I can get tickets.


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Also, I just want to say thank you to whomever did this at the subway station on 14th and 6th ave. My friend Lisa spotted it and took a picture with her sidekick. If you did this, email me: and let me know. I'll send you a present or something. If anyone else decides to do something like this, email me the photo and your address and i'll send you some shit. I'll post the photo. I love graffiti. I don't even know if i spelled that right.

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