Monday, November 7, 2005


Last night were the Paper Magazine Nightlife Awards. Karen and I won the most awards of the night... 3 in total, and we have you guys to thank for that! We were psyched, but it seemed as if NOBODY knew who we were, which was funny. Half the room were old school gays and club people who would never let us into their clubs if we showed up (suite 16, bungalo 8, etc). The other half were the new school gays and club kids who cheered us, which was really nice. I could actually hear people being like "huh?" from the audience when i went to collect my people's choice award for best DJ. Karen and I dedicated our Best Party award to the Misshapes for giving us our first chance to DJ as a duo.

I couldn't help but feel like a total idiot the whole night. I don't know why... probably because I really didn't feel like I deserved the awards. Best Promoters? We laughed. We feel like we're terrible promoters. Best Party? Well, we were stoked on that one, but the irony is how little monitary compensation having the best party actually throws your way. Best DJ? Whenever I manage to match a beat Karen and I look at each other in complete shock and high five each other. We can't even land the high fives.

I can't speak for any of the other awards we won without Karen, so I'll just say that winning the Best DJ (people's choice) was a bit of a surprise. There were DEFINITELY more qualified people up there... I guess I really just have to thank all of you who voted for me. Thank you so much.

I realized half way through the night that a few of my friends were missing. I have been so overwhelmed by work (I have two FULL time jobs, ack), and travel and living an episode of Degrassi, that I forgot to call a couple of really important people to let them know about the awards and to make sure that they came (bri, nik). I felt like a total jackass and could hardly enjoy myself for most of the night. One friend that came was Alex who works with me at stolen transmission the record label. Alex is a dude. He doesn't have a single bone that protudes obscenely due to rocking the coke chic look of most of my guy friends. He has full sleeve tattoos and wears snow board brand clothes. He beats up dudes at bars. This was the sort of scene he's not used to and at one point of the night i turned to him and said "i can read the look on your face: you're thinking that this is a window into my social life and you're not sure if you want any part of it." "you took the words right out of my mouth" he said as he pat me on the back.

The rest of the night was spent getting run over by people whom were either mad at us for winning, couldnt see me cause i'm so short, or really wanted to get a drink from the bar. Karen and I literally got elbowed and shoved all over the place. Even when you're a winner, you can feel like a total fucking loser.

thanks for making the following possible:
Best Promoters (the tarts of pleasure)
People's Choice Award for Best Party (stolen transmission)
People's Choice Award for Best DJ (ultragrrrl)

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