Tuesday, February 14, 2006


Happy Valentines Day!

HOT DAMN! I just got word from a very good friend that the Killers have GONE INTO THE STUDIO TODAY! They've gone in with Flood and Moulder to start recording their second album. I think it's expected to come out later this year. I'm so excited!

I've fallen in love ... with a boy ... no, wait... a song. The other night I was watching MTV2's "Subterranean", and I finally heard a song and saw a video by someone i've always heard wonderful things about: John Vanderslice. I was laying in bed trying to sleep and get my mind off things that had been bothering me. I was certain nothing would take me out of the mood I was in. But then "Exodus Damage" came on and i was mezmerized. It reminded me of when I first heard Nada Surf's "inside of love" as I was trying to doze off a few years ago... dreamy and tragically romantic.

I was even more won over when the chorus drifted out of my TV's speakers, "dance dance revolution, all we're gonna get, unless it falls apart." The song was so beautifully melancholic and all I could picture was Brian in his living room with his new video game. Meanwhile, this morning I was listening to the song and realized that the second verse was about planes crashing into the world trade center. So this is a political song, of sorts. Not a protest song, but perhaps more of a commentary. At least that verse.

Gurj sent me this... so cruel, but still sorta funny.

Gideon sent me this. Alf rules

This morning I told Rob that Calla could be the next Echo and the Bunnymen. COULD... not WILL. I'm realizing how important the teams behind bands are. So many great bands don't reach their potential because of the teams behind them. I hope the team behind Calla do it up. Their album, Televise is one of the sexiest things I've ever heard -- It was majestic with equal amounts of swagger and fragility. Their video was on the same episode of "Subterranean" I saw the Vanderslice video on. Fancy that... MTV is in pretty good form!

Dont you kinda wanna punt this adorable little thing?

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