Thursday, February 23, 2006


Details for the Stolen Transmission SXSW house party are still forthcoming (all is confirmed, but you know, until the ink dries on agreements, i can't really divulge tooo much). However, I can tell you that it's on FRIDAY, MARCH 17 and WHO is playing and let you know HOW you'll be able to get in.

Line up:
Lady Sovereign
Boy Kill Boy
Nightmare Of You
The Bronx

You'll be able to sign up starting on March 3 from the Stolen Transmission website which should be launching on that date. If it doesnt launch that date, then you'll have to wait a minute. Everyone can come, but you need to sign up and you need to be 21 or over cause there will be booze.

The heart isn't part of our logo (the ST lightning bolt is tho)... but i think it's something I made because I think I listen to too much My Chemical Romance sometimes:

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