Friday, April 7, 2006


Monty finished recording their debut album for Stolen Transmission and turned it in today. I took a poop on it.

Just kidding, I punch my stereo speakers and threw them at my intern's head and said "YOU TRY MAKING A RECORD AS GOOD AS THIS! NOW GO GET ME SOME FUCKING COFFEE!!!!"

You can watch the video they made in honor of the end of the recording of the album with Matt Squire (panic! at the disco). It's so fucking sweet and cute, it's disturbing.

Watch it here.

Hey Ollie, I have a really important question for you that I'm going to publically ask you on my blog: You're going out the front door, not the back door, but haven't you ever heard of closing a Goddamn door?

And Gurj, I want you to show me a little bit of spark you've been saving for your bed post.

(two people will think that's funny: gurj and ollie).

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