Monday, April 3, 2006


Someone new that I've met that I really enjoy the company of, is Nightmare of You's guitar tech, Big Brother Mike (or Hot Mike as brandon and i call him). This is BBM:

Now, apart from looking like the twin of my friend Patrick from Youth Group, he also rules because he's just as obsessed with Lost as Brandon and I are... which is to say a lot (so much so, that it's infiltrated our dreams). Also, Mike is an amazing photographer who entertained us all with slide shows of his photography from the current NOY tour and tours he's been on with other bands. He spent ages on the road with the Get Up Kids and combined a bunch of photos from a tour to make a little video that's actually really fucking cool. I asked BBM to post it on YouTube so i could share it. He did.

Also, Sasha the Intern sent me a link to an RPG blog about me... There are a few of those that I sometimes peek at (well, attempt to, but i can't really since they never accept my friendship on those things so i can't read the "friend only" blogs that are about my life... kinda ironic)... This one is like the Passions version of my life. Apparently I was dating Josh Madden and then cheated on him with Gurj. I'm also the mother of Josh's baby... and he left me when I cheated on him with Gurj... Gurj and I also broke up. No word yet on where/when/if Brandon fits into the equation, but apparently he's dating Michelle Nolan of Straylight Run on all these RPGs. So I'm dating Josh all over the internet and Brandon's dating Michelle all over the internet, and Gurj is a little homewrecker. Fucking amazing.

If anyone reading this is role-playing me, will you accept me as a friend so i can keep tabs on my fake life???

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