Wednesday, June 14, 2006


Muse tickets are on pre-sale!

I got tickets to the Philly date *just in case* i can't get tickets to the NYC show since the pre-sale is sold out. If i get the NYC show date tickets I'll sell my philly tix to one of the 3022329 Philly Muse fans... which will most likely be the case.

Go to Muse's Myspace Page to hear their new singles: "Supermassive Black Hole" (UK single) and "Knights of Cynodia" (US Single).

Seriuosly, though, I managed to get sent this album from some Dude in California and I haven't stopped listening to it. Everytime I think i have a favorite song, the next one comes up. Right now, the two favorites are "Starlight" and "Map of the Prolematique" which has an incredible Pet Shop Boys feel to it. I honestly never thought that Muse could write a dance song that doesnt sound the least bit contrived, but this is them going straight up into Depeche Mode territory. If this band doesn't become the biggest cult band in america with this record, then i'll be shocked.

I would also like to mention that this is a political record. When I heard that they were writing a political record, i thought to myself "booooooring!" But hearing Matt sing "you will burn in hell!" in falsetto in the first track, "Take a Bow", instantly converted my reservations. I don't know if he's singing to Tony Blair (possibly) or George Bush (likely), but either way, his opinions are strong and pretty reflective of the overall feeling towards the government that people our age are feeling. The irony of the idea that our President is doing "God's Work" (aka getting rid of terror) by killing thousands of innocent brown people (by "accident") in foreign a country is frustraiting, and Bellamy manages to capture that sentiment gorgeously. This morning I was wondering if Bush's daughters were ever fans of Muse (unlikely, but possible), and how they would feel about that song. Every kid rebels against their parents. I know i share basically none of the same political views as my parents... do you think that the twins are sent to their room for yelling at their dad for their views?

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