Monday, June 12, 2006


I surprisingly had one of the more busy and active weeks that i've had in a long while. Many, many, many nights spent going to bed way later than I was supposed to, and the weekend... i saw the sun as I closed my eyelids to snooze. I'll be sure to write about my week/end later, but I am up to my ears in work at the moment. I think it's funny whenever I go out these days that friends are like "i never see you out anymore." I guess that's what happens when you start giving a huge massive fuck about where you work and you come home too tired to keep your eyes open. Also, this weather is giving me energy. I will be out more. You'll get sick of seeing me.

The important thing is: Bright Light Fever have 2 new songs posted on their MySpace page from their up coming stolen transmission debut, Bright Light Fever Present: The Evening Owl.

"A Deeper Blue" is one of my new favorite songs. I can't believe the singer of BLF, Evan Ferro, is only 19 (he was 18 when he recorded this). I feel blessed to not only know this band, but to also be working with them.

If you like what you hear, and I'm assuming you will, VOTE FOR BLF AT THE SAMMIES!!!!!!

Hey Evan, can i post that photo of your new dog?

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