Tuesday, June 20, 2006



For a while now I've had the pleasure of hearing bits and pieces of the unfinished Killers record... and for anyone who has read this blog for a while knows, I've been a huge fan of the band since the very beginning. Imagine, on the eve of their first show before getting signed, Karen and I joined the band for dinner with their soon to be label peeps and the Bronx. After dinner the band played a nervous set at Don Hills that had a bunch of bloggers up front snapping photos and singing along. Oh, they were cute.

Now, a lot of people are questioning if their follow up record will be any good, and I will admit, I'm probably biased, but the album is sounding fucking amazing. It's way more rocking than people will expect. It's more mature, more complicated, and just more. If Hot Fuss was their Bends, then this album will be their OK Computer. But then again, as many of you will probably note in the comment section, my record label and island records are lovers.

I was gonna post a lot of awesome shit, but I've actually been a bit sick so I haven't been going out much. In fact, I've been in bed by 8pm a few too many nights. Needless to say, I wake up at like, the asscrack of dawn and wonder what the fuck I should do and then find myself in a MySpace-hole... but... I would like to say that I finally have an actual office now. No longer am I in a nook. Now the nook belongs to Nick Snow.

This is my desk. And yes, there is a bottle of Zygo on it. And yes, I sometimes swig from it after 7pm on stressful days. But mostly, i have it there for visitors to spike their Iced Teas with:

When I get to go out, it's for Stolen Transmission, and I manage to whoop it up... and so does everyone else there. Check out Karen's porno face and Brian's... face:

Meanwhile, somewhere else on the dancefloor, I managed to find Andy Greenwald dancing it up. I've finally finished Andy's book Miss Misery, and I must say that it's fucking amazing. It actually made me want to start really blogging again like the old days. It's also kinda refreshing in a hipster Chuck Palahniuk kinda way. Anyway, here we are...

Brandon came home saturday from his tour with AFI. Apparently, I still have a boyfriend and he has not been stolen from me by Davey Havok. However, he returned with a loss voice, so he did what normal people do when they lose their voice, and he clipped Bella's nails:

Which made it easier for Bella to PEE IN THE TOILET! Look at her closed, determined, eyes. I bet she's dropping a doozy:

Here's Josh and Bella discussing what's in our fridge (btw, our freezer smells like we have kilos of cocaine in there. everyone that comes over is struck by it's scent. anyone know why it does that? maybe bella is a drug smuggling pussy):

Sunday, Brandon and I met up with Marc and Lizzy at my favorite brunch spot, La Palapa in the East Village. YOU MUST GO AND GET THEIR HUEVOS RANCHEROS VERDES ASAP. Anyway, the real reason I'm including this photo is becasue i'm proud to say that my old roommate, Lizzy aka Elizabeth Goodman, is now the writer of the Rolling Stone Blog. YAY!:

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