Tuesday, October 3, 2006


Here are some things i'm promoting, and then after that is a blog post:

So yesterday was Yom Kippur, the Jewish holiday for atonment. And i thought, "hmm... there are quite a things I should be atoning for... my grammar, poor spelling, not making my parents happy with my life choices, but the thing i want to antone for the most," i thought, while sitting next to my mom in a pew, "is the way that i've misguided the readers of my blog onto some really bad music." Now, I don't really need to pull out examples, you can pretty much guess which bands I'm talking about if you've read this blog for like, the past 2 years. None of those bands are on my label, or bands that belong to a boyfriend, or bands that i claim to be the second coming of a bleach blonde rocker... Not sure if that leaves you any hints or clues or whatever. But rest assured, while I was sitting there, fasting for what turned into 26 hours, I made a vow to stop listening to shitty music. I went sober for like 2 months 2 years ago and that really just fucked everything up. I started listening to really shitty shit and talking about that really shitty shit and now i'm through. I'm done. I'm drunk. I'm not sober. I'm stumbling in the streets while quoting the Walkmen, and i'm happy.

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