Saturday, January 12, 2008


The craziest shit happened to me on the subway on wednesday...

I had spent the majority of my day at the Norwood, this arts club on 14th street I got a fellowship to which has been doubling as the new Stolen Transmission office. I spent the day there with Rob and Jo, going over plans for the year, meeting with people, organizing shit, drinking the cheapest wine on the menu and feeling like a million bucks. I was caught up on sleep (finally), and excited to meet up with my former intern Courntey and her friend Derek for dinner with Jo.

Jo and I hopped on the 14th street A train at about 7:20 and were just chatting about how nice it was to see an old friend that came to visit us at the Norwood. I remember glancing up and seeing this older dude who looked a bit sickly with frazzled gray hair and rough skin and an odd demeanor... angry almost. 5 minutes later, at our next stop at West 4, Jo and I were walking off the train when I felt a gust of air hit my face. I looked up and saw that older sickly guy and said "Did you just blow in my face?" as sweetly and innocently as possible.
"You started it!" he said. I was confused.
"What do you mean? Why did you do that?"
And then he did it again!

Joanna saw the whole thing and pulled me out of the subway and we just stared at each other in disbelief. "Maybe you bumped into him?" she offered as a reason for his crazy.

We got to Vegetarian Paradise and sat down. I started eating my dinner and suddenly got a hot spell. I stood up and walked out of the restaurant to get some fresh air, and five minutes later I came back in and joked that I was old and going through menopause... and I noticed my throat started to feel sore.

About 10 minutes later I started feeling really ill again and said I had to leave immediately because I really wasnt feeling well. I paid for the dinner since I caused it's early end, and ran to a cab. I was feeling ok with the window open and the breeze hitting my face, but by the time I got to my corner on the LES I could hardly keep my eyes open cause I was in so much pain. I quickly paid my fare and ran to the building where i could hardly stand in the elevator. I thought I was for sure going to pass out.

I rushed through the door and puked three times.... everything out. I texted brandon who rushed home from Brooklyn only to find me in fetus position on the couch. I've been sick with like, a bad chest cold, sore throat, fucked up ears ever since!



Anonymous said...

I didn't have an encounter with a dude on a subway... but i've been sick with EXACTLY the same thing this week!


Anonymous said...

That's so bizarre? It seems like you get sick easily though - am I wrong? Perhaps you should take vitamins everyday or something?! Get well sista.

DTC said...

i suppose its better than mudbutt.

cant wait to catch you in austin.

Anonymous said...

What an evil old bastard.

Anonymous said...

so he blew on you like with his mouth? how bizarre. did you go to the doctor? you might want to get tests done and see if they can tell you what exactly you got contaminated with. you can't get the flu or a stomach virus that fast, i don't think.

veritas said...

i hope you are feeling better sarah......

Anonymous said...

yep i've been sick like that for like 2 days and i've been in LA for the past 2 weeks
it's all over

Anonymous said...

this was wayy back in october, but i was on the union sq. platform waiting for my train with a friend. it was like at 10:00 at night and im talking to my friend and all of a sudden some guy with the same type of desciption comes over to me and says to me "why did you sneeze on me?" i ignore him at first because i had no idea he was talking to me then he got a little closer and repeated himself. i answered him b/c i thought maybe he really thought i sneezed on him and my freind pulled me away and he followed me through the platform repeating himself. there was a train docked at the platform for a minute. after all that he gets on the train right before its about to close its doors and yells out... "you should cover your mouth when you sneeze, your giving off germs". i was so freaked out but i thought maybe this guy's like on drugs, maybe hes hallucinating.maybe theres a germ infesting freak out there causing diseases?

Elizabeth Curran said...

Oh my goddd! That's hideous! Poor baby!
I saw a mockumentary a few years ago about how a crazy person could easily spread SARS (or maybe it was small pox) through the subway system just by touching someone's head.
Hope you feel better.
And don't worry about the crazy guy, Karma will get him in the end