Monday, January 14, 2008


NYLON Magazine's Editor, Marvin Scott Jarrett, did an amazing documentary about the Horrors' first full American tour called Counting In Fives. The doc will be premiering at Sundance on Friday!!!! I'll be there! I'm so excited!

This is such a big deal for Stolen Transmission Records, myself and everyone ever involved with the Horrors. It's such an honor!

Please take a second to check out the trailer for the doc... You might spot Jenny Penny in there in a very very very amusing scene:


Anonymous said...

"at Sundance" implies it's part of the festival.

Els. said...

I photographed them once and that was the only time the frontstage did not feel safe. Made some ok
pictures though.

keep up signing bands like these

and give
these guys a listen

soon to be touring around the USA

brianna socially awkward said...

oi vey, hope i'm 100% cut out of this. shouldn't have signed that release....

flat front pants said...

Do you already watch Paranormal II? Its awesome horror documentary.