Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Taylor from hypem.com sent this email to me and i was like "this kid is trippin..." but then i clicked the link and i think ti's gonna save my fucking life:

I know it's cool for NY kids to hate on CMJ, but I thought I'd give
you a heads up to my side project anyway! You can check out all the
weeks worth of events at http://cmj.sched.org


sp said...

yusssssssss cmj is finally realizing it needs to become more like sxsw, so down for this.

HKish said...

Sarah, are you djing anywhere during CMJ?

PugNYC said...

efff why eye: your recent posts are reminding me of ultragrrrl circa 2005, when i used to lurk it even before i knew yewwww

i lufff it...

your creepy friend

Parantar said...

glad to visit your blog... love it!