Monday, October 27, 2008


Seriously, the chromosome issue aside, Sarah Palin makes Paris look not-so-bad:

Also, I really love Zac Efron:


Raizza said...

CMJ has ended. you and Joanne need to get some rest, it's time for a spa retreat!

Zani W. said...

I do not like Zac .-.
well,I prefer Morrissey HAHA


Baybay Mama said...

Andy Warhol is smiling in his grave. How could you not love Paris for President?

Bokolis said...

I've been saying for years that the time will come when America (by "America," I mean east of I-287 and west of the San Bernadino mountains) will hang on her every word.

Running Paris up to the podium, armed with index cards to speak to subjects about which she knows nothing, wouldn't be much different than what they're doing with Palin, except that Paris has better delivery.

However, those dogs (not the chihuahua; those size 13 monstrosities) are a problem...and, while it doesn't have to be worthy of a queen, if we're to go by that tape, she's going to have improve her technique.

Sarah said...

Wow, Zac's pants are low low low low low low low low.