Monday, October 20, 2008


The thing that sucks for people who work and live in NYC during CMJ is that we have to work during CMJ week and then see bands at night/day and then come back into the office the next day. When we go to Austin for SXSW, we go to meetings, we drink bloody mary's, we goof around and see bands and we're don't have to go to a fucking office. It's way better. CMJ is miserable for local music industry folks. I think that the local music industry folk should just get together and say "OK, for 4 days we can get away with not showing up to the office. Shit will still work out." Until then, I shall weep.

On Thursday I'm DJing at Whiskey Blue, so if you need an escape from the madness of CMJ, please come say hi to me. I'll be DJing from 10pm - 2am.

Sadly, this means that the shows that I was going to see on Thursday are basically no longer happening.

If I could, I would drop everything to see:
I fucking love The Shivers. One sunday afternoon, about a year ago, Brandon and I were heading back home from brunch at the Norwood. We had had such a lovely and splendid afternoon filled with amazing food and bloody marys... and our cold limbs trudged into the F-Train subway station to wait for the subway. There was this dude in a Yankees jacket, hoodie, baseball cap, jeans, sunglasses... he looked strung out or something. It was Keith from The Shivers. He played songs off a keyboard that was mounted on top of a walker that an old man would use. It was almost romantic and sad all at the same time. As the train arrived, he played "Creep" by Radiohead. It was fucking gorgeous. I bought one of his albums right there for $5 and listened to it a bunch.


This is him:

Also, I am going to be presenting something called "The Ultragrrrl Report" on FUSE's new show "FUSE On Tour" starting November 9th, and every Sunday after that. Basically, I'm going to be talking about shows I've seen that week, Tour news, and up-and-coming bands that I saw and loved. I'm really fucking excited about this opportunity! I love talking about music and sharing the music I love with people and being on TV. Haha. Watch me!

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