Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Eve from Living Things is finally on Twitter. He's still new to the service and so I think he'll be fully addicted in about 30 hours. Will his twitters be as good as mine? Only time will tell.

But Eve can write a better song than I ever will be able to (that is, at least, until someone asks me to write lyrics for Britney Spears' songs). Living Things' song "Let It Rain" is so good. I listen to it whenever it rains, which is often these days. Their next single is a ditty called "Oxygen" that is just so wtf good. I want to post the mp3 of it, but i'm scared that their management or label would show up in my office and shoot me. Gah-burp!

Anyway, download it. I snuck it on my blog. I wasn't supposed to but I don't think enough people read this for it to really matter.

Lastly, Courtney Love name dropped me in a blog yesterday! Hollur! I'm stoked. Ollie noticed it for me... I don't know if i would've been able to find it myself.

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Anonymous said...

thank you for the song!