Saturday, December 6, 2008


Is the best blog that you're probably not reading.

They're on a much deserved vacation and holy shit, their blog is hilarious. Here's a sample from Gerard Way's blog posting:

And even more interesting than the contestants, challenges, and the orange spray-tan club goers of Scottsdale, Arizona (of COURSE this is where the show is filmed) is Mystery's wardrobe.

This is a man that knows how to take RISKS.
Mind you, these aren't risks that I would ever take but you gotta respect a guy thats Ren-Faire from the neck down and fighter-pilot meets X-Games roadie from the neck up. With Gladiator boots.

And can we talk about how likable this guy is?
This is a man that eats his own cereal in the morning if you know what I'm saying.

Ah... the Pick-Up Artist is a show close to my heart.


Anonymous said...

Just when I thought I couldn't love them any more than I do...IT HAPPENED.

Anonymous said...

they are so friggin hilarious. i love the post frank did about gerard. he's such a fan of his own bandmate, which is super sweet.

Ella Anarchy said...

YES. I recently started reading their blogs on their newly revamped site and can't stop. I had NO IDEA they could be so hilarious.

Ahhhh... but as much as I love them, I have to admit their blogs still don't rank quite as "up there" as Mat Devine's. ALMOST... but NOT QUITE.

But just give 'em some time, I suppose ;P

Anonymous said...

their posts are amazing. they are too freakin funny. bob ftw.
but i still enjoy sarah's blog a bit more. (kiss ass much?) *wink* no but seriously i love sarah's blog.

Karen said...

BWAHAHAHAHAHA maybe i should quit while hes ahead? its like my old real world san diego recaps, only... well written. dang.

Anonymous said...

haha. omg. i remember when they like first renovated the site with that blog on there.

i fuhlove it. like it makes my day. haham

Anonymous said...

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