Tuesday, October 12, 2004


HOLY MOLY. Jason and Debbie Roth welcomed their first born this morning at 1:23am! A beautiful baby boy named Jake William Roth, 7lbs 12oz.!

Debbie had been vying to name him Jake Ryan Roth... Looks like the Sixteen Candles dream got extinguished.

I wish the lovely new family well. And just so you know, I'm available to babysit any time. I promise to not curse (that much) in front of the baby, and to not drink or do drugs while handling him.


jeddeth said...

mazel tov to the new mishpacha!

yo sarah what are your cmj reccomendations?

holmes said...

if i could make a recommendation: on saturday, i HIGHLY recommend checking out two bands. first, at the bowery, a great band called "autolux" from los angeles. one of the guys used to be in failure. great fucking band, their new CD is out next month. they sound a lot like my bloody valentine. maybe better. secondly, at don hill's at midnight, "dear leader" is playing. dear leader features the former lead singer of the sheila divine, a band sarah has pimped here before. their new CD comes out on election day, 11/2. seriously, both bands are not to be missed.

S_and_M said...

hey, they play the Stellastarr* video that you're in at my work--the clothing store Wet Seal--and everytime it comes on I"m like "hey I read her Blog!" it's cool.

Anonymous said...

better than my bloody valentine, are you on crack? that was rhetorical question holmes, btw. it's a compliment in and of itself just to say they sound like MBV, but to say better than MBV is just egregioussness.

holmes said...

i know, i know. its almost sacreligious. but seriously, give them a try. i love MBV so much.....this is the firs band i've heard that definitely borrows a lot of their style and may, possibly, do it better. of course, there are other influences in there, but i hear mostly MBV. also, give dear leader a fair shake. great band. they're on myspace.com if you can find them, or check out a track at: http://media.prod4ever.com/dltrax/rrplayer.html