Friday, October 22, 2004


It's been an exhausting week for me. Between spending every free second getting the Louis XIV cds out, going to work, and DJ at night to make cash so i can afford things, I've hardly had time to sleep, and as a result, i've gotten a bit sick.

I've got all the vitamin C shit on my desk and have been gobbling it up so I can stop coughing and losing my voice and so my throat wont feel like i've swallowed a pine cone. It's not really working too well, which sucks since I'm not only DJing tonight, but also tomorrow night as well. Vicar has a similar problem and informed me that i'll most likely be bedridden for about 2 days.

Tonight The Tarts are DJing at Red & Black in Brooklyn on North 5th, btw bedford and berry. If you're coming from the city, you might want to cab it.

Tomorrow night I'm DJing the Fiasco show at Rothko, which will be a fucking party if I ever saw one. Fiasco is Grant singing (you might know him from Brian's site), and Fatty (also, from Brian's site), and Amanda from Soviet. Their single sounds like David Bowie fronting the BeeGees. The NSFW video is awesome. [THIS SHOW HAS BEEN CANCELLED CAUSE THERE'S A PROBLEM WITH ROTHKO]

I've really been working hard on cutting back on my drinking. For about two weeks a little while ago I went totally dry, thanks to the accidental influence of the Vicar. But eventually my demons got to me and I've gone back to the bottle. It's really awful, but I think that I tend to do that when there's uncertainty in my life. It's probably true for most people with a "drinking problem."

Wednesday night the tarts had our second stolen transmission party. There was that play off game that we had to play nice to, leaving DJ Vicar waiting patiently to he could play the Pixies and Bloc Party and other shit that Karen and I have been imposing on him for the past few weeks. After Vicar, DJ Jazzy James Iha took on the fine roll of getting kids to dance to discotheque. Ruling the airwaves like it was 1992, I was hoping he'd play some Ace of Base, but alas, that didnt happen.
Here are photos.

For the past week Karen has been playing momma goose to Idlewild, and it was so cute to watch them all follow behind her last night at Crobar when she came into the room. Like little duckies, all around the club until she sat them down. It was really nice to see them again. Roddy's been living in NYC for the past week or two, but the rest of the band came down to party and it was like a summer camp reunion.
Here are photos from that night.

Alright. I'm dont posting more. It took me all day to post this cause i'm distracted. There's a styrofoam cup of champagne sitting on my desk. I am gonna drink it.

This photo makes me happy. It's my friend Robbie from Sacremento. He's a totally gorgeous, and despite what most people at crobar thought last night, he and vicar are not life partners.


Anonymous said...


like you, i'm a fan of the spirits who's currently rolling along on the boring wagon of sobriety (bumpy ride, eh). you should do whatever you think's best for Ultragrrrl, but i've got to say, when my veins are clean, life seems so a lot easier. and i'm more productive, which is pretty righteous too.

but you know, it seems like its harder to stay sober the more interesting your life is. maybe i'm just boring.

anyways, have a good weekend. life = alright.

--Alex from SF

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