Tuesday, October 12, 2004


I am still obsessed with the Brand New record that isn't quite brand new. I've been trying to get my friends to listen to them... and when I mention to my band friends how much I love the band they usually answer with "The record is amazing, but the band is not too nice." Not sure why. Not sure that I care to be honest.

The offices here are so hot and stuffy. I'm growing dizzier and more irritable by the minute. I wanted to write about my week, about my weekend. About seeing Morrissey on saturday and Interpol on sunday. About having Apartment staying in my apartment and finally lending that helping male hand that's been missing for so long.

But i'm about to pass out. Suffocate. I'll have to update later. Grrr. But before i do, I just want to wish a happy 21st birthday to Aaron Kaczander, my friend Jordan's best bud from back in detroit. Now he can drink and i can have the sex with him if i wanted to and not go to jail. I know the legal age is 18, but boys need to get drunk in order to get near me.

The Five O'Clock Heroes are playing tonight at 9:30 at Mercury Lounge.

I'm DJing a a benefit at Rothko tonight.

Tuesday October 12th, Melody Nelson presents...


11:45 - The Vitamen [ http://www.angelfire.com/boybands/thevitamen/ ]
11:00 - Modernage [ http://www.modernagemusic.net ]
10:15 - The So and So's [ http://www.soandsos.com ]
9:30 - Ben Arthur [ http://www.benarthur.com ]
8:45 - Say Hi to Your Mom [ http://www.sayhitoyourmom.com ]
8:00 - MAGNET (from Norway!) [ http://www.homeofmagnet.com ]

Guest DJ: Ultragrrrl [ http://www.ultragrrrl.com ]

$8 Advance tickets: http://www.concertsforchange.com/kintera_show.php?id=47
$10 day of show :: 21+
Rothko :: 116 Suffolk St. between Rivington and Delancey.


Anonymous said...

BN is really good. I don't know what your friends in bands are saying - they're some of the most down to earth guys. Growing up on Long Island, I used to see them when they were the Rookie Lot (really bad '97 band, I have some mp3s if you want them). They're still the same great guys they always were. I can fix you up with them, the drummer, Brian, is really cute and newly single. Plus, he's jewish!!

Anonymous said...

Brand New is NY's answer to The Smiths. The BN singer sounds alot like Morrissey and they have the whole ridiculously long name for songs thing going on. They really are awesome...even if they are from Long Island.

Anonymous said...

is garrett single? i'd like to be more than friends with him.

heroOFfalseHope said...

You said a guy would have to be drunk to be around you. That's some shit, or you're just hanging around with fags. Anyway what I'm saying is I'd fuck ya.

Nasdaq Jones said...
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Collin said...

Ben Arthur rules. Don't miss him. And Brand New is great. Yeah, Jessie is a bit of the 'ole Morrisy block, but the sound is so powerful.

Our Trinitone Blast said...

Just last weekend I was waiting for the _____ to kick in and reading a Spin and I thought to myself that I just bet you have a blog somewhere. Who'd have thunk it? You should get a longer column or maybe a whole page or three.


Anonymous said...

a haiku (for you):

i miss us. where did
we go to? snow falling on
cedars....i like cow.

damn, i was hoping that was going to be creative.
...but interpol was spectacular. shyyyt.
why don't you...ah...call me sometime?
is that weird? hope not.
well, i'll talk to you later.
i'm going to go punch myself now.


Anonymous said...

What a coincidence. I just got BN's earlier Your Favorite Weapon since Deja Entendu is wearing out my CD player (after learning about it from this blog). Not as good as Deja but thought I'd give it a try. These guys oughta tour. All the way to the Left Coast here. They can invite the Moz to sing "The Boy Who Blocked His Own Shot." That would be fucking amazing.

Anonymous said...

coincidence or CONSPIRACY????

Anonymous said...

to be included in ultragrrrl's blog-and on my 21st birthday- a boy is glowing in the little college town of ann arbor. luckily i got to celebrate with killers/ambulence ltd. at st. andrews hall. so thank you, ultragrrrl, and one day may we meet, jesse lacey and all (and jordache you can come too).

Aaron K

Anonymous said...

From what I know, Garrets dating one of the burning angel girls.

Ultragrrrl said...

Who are these boys you're talking about?

Chris Clark said...

Sorry off topic Sarah, but when are you mailing out the stolen transmission singles? xo

Ultragrrrl said...

the CDs will be shipped this weekend!

Anonymous said...

The guitarist (Vinnie) from BN was at the Drive Thru showcase afterparty last night, and beyond cool. Maybe it was because my bf played, but I've always had really really good experiences with those dudes, before and after they got picked up by a major.

Anonymous said...

maybe if you know the guys in BN theyre nice or whatever but to a teenage fan who waited on line for an autograph, theyre rude and notably nastier than Taking Back Sunday and other Long Island bands. i took a few pictures of them when i met them and then i threw the pictures out when they were developed because every member, in every picture, is giving me a dirty harsh look. arghhhh

Anonymous said...

remember when talking about music was talking about music and not "talking" about "music" ?