Sunday, April 15, 2007


I finally gave the Pierce's album a shot after my friend kept on going on about how great it was... she mostly focused on the lyrics of "Boring" but never really gave me an idea of what they sounded like. To my delight, that song, as well as the rest of the album, is a psychedellic country record that sounds like the soundtrack to a 60's James Bond flick. It'd make Lee Hazlewood so proud.

I hade met Catherine Pierce at Black & White a year ago and instantly fell in love with her. First of all, she's probably one of the prettiest girls i've ever seen in person. Secondly, she instantly got my random obsure Anchorman reference. Lastly, she was hilarious. I was laughing the entire time I was next to her and wanted to be around her for the rest of the night just because she was hilarious.

I think later that night I wound up upstairs in WizKidManagement's office with possibly a stroke, i think chris martin?, conor orberst, jenny lewis, i think patrick matthews from youth group, or was it wyatt bozwell and brandon flowers. something random like that. fuck, i know someone was with me and could remember. maybe that was a dream i had. i totally forget. Oh, Ryan Heil was with me... but he would've been more drunk and definitely wouldnt remember.

Anyway, here's their video:

Last week i was in LA for work stuff and had a killer time at karaoke ... i'll write about that later today or tomorrow. right now i wanted to give all the attn to the pierces' video. you gotta check out their album, it's so fucking good. LOL at Jackson Pollis being in it. I LOVE HIM!

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