Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Karen and I got asked to start the Stolen Transmission party again -- so we pondered it for a moment. When we stopped pondering, we pondered some more: do we actually want to leave the house at night? do we actually want to socialize? do we want to make a fun party where our friends can go on a friday night even though i can't make out with any of them anymore now that i'm married?

the answer: YES.

And yes, we're having the party at Pete Wentz' new joint, AK47. He used to come to our old old party at orchard bar as did the rest of the people that are on his label, so i guess that's why we've been asked to come over there. Plus, Friday night is totally do-able for Karen and I -- as long as it's after i have Shabbat Dinner with my family in NJ... which it will be. Oh, and incase you like to play Russian Roulette with germs, we're gonna have a community Manishewitz bottle in the DJ booth for all to drink out of. Maybe we'll get those little shot glasses that they have at shul that you drink with cookies after saturday morning services. UM, AMAZING.

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