Monday, April 30, 2007


I know I wrote about this a while ago ... well, i finally found footage of it:

Watch this live Horrors video for "Gloves".

Apart from being totally fucking awesome, dirty, and fucked, keep your eyes peeled for approx the 4 minute mark when Faris jumps into the crowd (or trips into the crowd)... he happens to totally wipe out me and Rob Stevenson ... though you can't see me since i'm short, but you can see Rob's silverfoxhead perfectly.

Here is my original description of the evening:

there's this thing about the horrors' song "gloves" that causes me and rob to sort of lose our shit. it's our time to get free primal scream therapy and scream in each others faces for no reason. we typically get so excited all set long for this song that we start spazzing out like half way into the whole shebang. so for like 20 minutes i found myself moshing with the people next to me that didnt want to mosh, then hurling myself to the front with the people who had no choice but to mosh, then falling to the floor, then grabbing hold on faris (the singer) when he came into the audience, then throwing a pinata's parts at faris when he got back on stage with Rob, then watching faris as he walked to the back of the audience where he grabbed a garbage can filled with bottles, cans, cups all filled with beer and tossed it onto the audience... then running to the front of the stage with rob so we could violently spin around and then get jumped on by faris from stage and land in a pile of garbage. Oh, and then JennyPenny and Casey threw a garbage can filled with trash back on the stage.

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