Thursday, June 7, 2007


The Horrors make me so happy sometimes. They're just so weird and odd and completely different than what I'd expect them to be like... which is funny. My friend Josh Rowe over at Virb described them perfectly as: The Goth Beatles.

There's something completely Hard Days Night about them. All kind of bouncing around the walls, constantly being amusing and most of all sweet. The other day I took them to La Palapa for dinner with Schoolyard Heroes (who have a new song on their myspace, check it... "dude, where's my skin"), and as plates of food were being placed infront of everyone, and forks and knives were devouring foods, Joshua in ginormous hair just sat there staring at nothing in particular.
me: joshua, why arent you eating? do you need cutlery?
joshua: no, i've got.
me: do you need a napkin or a drink or something?
joshua: no, i've got those as well.
me: so why aren't you eating?
joshua: not everyone's been served yet.

I'm such a stickler for manners sometimes... my dad ironically (i hope) had a copy of Emily Post's Etiquette book in the bathroom, so sometimes I took a look through it and picked up a few tips.

While at dinner Tomethy told me how he tells everyone that he's signed to JayZ's label with all the pride in the world. I then made him tell me the ACTUAL label they're signed to (stolen transmission) before allowing him to order another drink.

Both Tomethy and Joe begged me to invite Jay to one of their shows or just to facilitate a meeting... so the next day I asked Jay if it'd be alright, and invited the band into the office for their photo. Schoolyard Heroes' Jonah and Ryann came up as well and we bombarded Jay's office for some of the most amazing photos I've ever taken. Sadly, only Rhys and Faris were in the city at the time, and so the rest of the boys missed out (omg, that photo would've been unreal). I promised Joe i'd get him an autographed copy of the Rihanna single to make up for it. ella ella eh ehadidid. Brian and Steve from SYH were also missing, so I'm waiting for their requests.... Jay would've LOVED Steve's afro, i know it.


And the Horrors are so funny. Watch this video.

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